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Our mission is to enable people with disabilities to become fully involved in professional and social life.

The implementation of the „STEADY JOB – people with disabilities in public administration and service”  was scheduled for 4 years. The  goal is to recruit at least 2,500 disabled people for at least 12 months.

The programme is addressed to public institutions (bodies and institutions performing the tasks of public administration), self-government entities and national and self-government cultural institutions. The financial support is granted under this programme i.a. through funding of:

  • Equipment for worksites of disabled people,
  • Adaptation of rooms and workplace environment to the special needs of disabled people, adaptation or purchase of devices which make it easier for people with disabilities to work or operate in their workplace,
  • Trainings for disabled people.

The selection among public institutions eligible for the programme is performed by the Management Board of PFRON. Bids are submitted in the continuous mode. Agreements are concluded with selected entities. The organizational units of public institutions included in those agreements file for funding at the respective PFRON’s branch.